Atsushi SUSHI Kosugi

Atsushi Kosugi (a.k.a. SUSHI) is
            a Japanese-American record producer / recording director.

Atsushi originally started recording projects for various Japanese pop artists in the United States. In 1988, he established Beat On Beat, Inc. in New York to support his professional activities in the recording music field. .

In 1992, he established Beat On Beat Recording Studio on the 6th floor of the Silk Building in Greenwich Village where the main store of Tower Records used to be located. That studio became one of the most established bases for many Japanese artists.

In 2000, he sold the entire office and studio space due to pursue his production goals.

After 2000, he became a staff producer for Aosis label, a division of JVC Music Entertainment and started producing non-Japanese artists. He also expanded his service area outside of the US to South America and Europe.

Here are some remarkable achievements:

    * Received the "Best Album of the Year - World Music Category" of Ad-Lib
      Magazine for Romero Lubambo "Rio de Janeiro Underground" album in 2003.

    * Received the "Japan Record Award" for "Let's Dance - with Tadashi Yoshida
      Melodies". Mr. Yoshida is the one of the most important modern composer after
      World War II in Japan. The album concept is a combination of his famous melodies
      and the unique scene that is still alive today in the world. The album was
      recorded in New York, London, Amsterdam, Havana and Sao Paulo.

    * Recorded the music for "Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games" -
      a development software collaboration between Nintendo and Sega Corporation.
      The official Vancouver Winter Olympic game was recorded in Amsterdam, NL.

Atsushi Graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston with a major in Jazz Composition and Arranging.


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