Special Microphones & Outboard Gears for Your Recordings

Your recording session will be moving from studio to studio. When you record a band or orchestra, you need a big studio. But after you record the backing tracks, you want to move to a comfortable cozy place to record your final vocals. How are you going to treat your voice for the finals? That should sound like a Rolls-Royce.

When you record your voice, or your artists, I'm sure that you want to use a microphone in great condition. But usually those special microphones especially vintage ones in commercial recording studios, are so beaten up after all the years with heavy usage.

That is why, we keep these beauties. We have a great selections of microphones all in mint condition that still have that special magic touch. No matter where you go, your voice will have a great sounding consistency.

Our special floating equipment including vintage microphones are only used for our client's project. So no rental inquiry please!

·  Telefunken U47 Microphone w/ VF14 tube - Serial No. 2413

Over the years, we have owned about 10 of vintage U47 microphones. Many of them had great character. This one has, not only the sound, but also has a special magic touch. So we kept it in our collection. This U47, made approximately 1959, has a deep, worm, but clear sound with exceptional tonal characteristics.

This microphone was selected by Sting and used on his last album "If On A Winter's Night".
His legendary producer Robert Sadin and he were looking for a microphone to record his voice in New York, and they end up choosing this U47 for his voice to record finals.

[Listen to the amazing sound of his voice]
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·  AKG C12 Microphone - Serial No.739

1960 (approximately) AKG C12 Tube Microphone that has special clarity with a clear open air feeling and warmness. Generally, we found it works great with female vocalists.

[Just hear the sound with Pamela Driggs' vocal]

·  Neumann U87 Microphone - Serial No.17949 & 17950

Beat On Beat holds 2 vintage U87 microphones with consecutive numbers on. We use them for many instruments as its stereo pair. But also, we record voice and especially saxes and they always win after comparing them with other microphones.

These 87's have recorded many great saxophonists including Michael Brecker and Bob Burg. They are also great for vocals. Please listen to the voice of Kelli Sae on the track of Philippe Saisse Acoustique Trio album. Her entire vocal was recorded with this U87.

[Listen to the sound]

·  Neumann U67 Microphones - Serial No. 2813 & 2814

These days, the value of vintage U67 sound has been recalculated by modern generation of musicians and engineers. Because of that "bite" and "energy" which is great for recording with rock vocals, guitar amps, percussive instrument like vibraphone. We have a perfect sounding stereo pair that have a consecutive serial numbers on.

[Listen to the sound]

·  Teletronix LA2A-SN568, Urei 1176 Blackface with a pair of old Neve 1066 Mic-pre / EQs

A perfect vocal chain LA2A or 1176, that is your choice. With the selections of our microphones, we guarantee your vocal sound will be super. A great microphone with a great compressor and mic-pre, that's all you need for your vocal recording.

·  AKG EB451 (w/ -10 & -20db pad) & Sennheiser MD421 Drums Recording Microphone Set

3 AKG EB451 and 4 Sennheiser MD421. These days, it's hard to find them in great shape but necessary to record drums. When we record drums, you will be delighted with the sound.

·  AKG C414EB

When we have to record percussions, we have right ones here for it.

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