How To USE


What you can do:
1. You can listen to all the tracks of all the albums.
2. You can make a playlist to organize your selected music.
3. You can email your playlist and have the recipient listen to the music.

How to make a Playlist

1. Click "New Playlist" under "My Playlist" on the upper left corner.

2. Enter "Playlist Name" then click "Create Playlist". Example playlist name "Space Age".

3. Now you will see the playlist "Space Age" and a small green + sign appears. Now you will be able to add songs you'd like to include in that playlist.

4. If you push the "Show" button that is under each album cover, you will see every track on that albums. You will also see the + sign next to each track. If you want to add any track, press the + sign. (You should be looking under the "Albums" tab. Check the upper right corner.)

5. Now the playlist "Space Age" has an indication of (1) (*referring to the number of tracks on the playlist) and the + indication next to the track became a - sign. You can continue adding more tracks by following step number 4.

6. When you are done adding music, you will need to close the Create Playlist mode. To do so, push the + mark on the playlist "Space Age".

7. If you push the Playlist "Space Age", the letters become bold. That mean's "Space Age" is selected and only tracks within "Space Age" will appear.

How to send a Playlist to somebody.

1. Make sure that the Playlist is selected. (The name should be in bold.)

2. Push "Email Link" on the upper right corner.

3. Enter the e-mail of the person who you want to receive the tracks in "Space Age". You can put in a few email addresses that are separated with commas. The email recipient can listen to the tracks on "Space Age".

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